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Arrowhead’s programs rely on the generous support of our donors and sponsors. If you’re interested in learning more about opportunities to advance regional entrepreneurship and innovation, contact Kathy Hansen.

Our sponsors help make our programs possible and we are proud to be featured in the Hunt Family Foundation 2019 Annual Report. 

We also depend on the outstanding work of the expert advisors and consultants who volunteer their time and skills to work with entrepreneurs and their businesses. If you’re interested in joining our advisors’ network, contact Kristin Morehead.

Paul L. Foster & Alejandra De La Vega Foster


Our sponsors’ support translates to real changes in the regional economy and ecosystem.

Sponsoring Impact

Even with the incredible support of our current sponsors, demand exceeds supply for Arrowhead’s programs. Our region has a wealth of potential innovation and entrepreneurship that can benefit all.

Success Stories Made Possible by Our Sponsors