Fintech Lab at Arrowhead Park


 Welcome FinTech Entrepreneurs! 

 The FinTech Lab is open to FinTech start-ups and entrepreneurs in New Mexico and El Paso, TX. We are based at Arrowhead Center at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, NM and we offer virtual services and resources for free.

The Lab seeks to enhance the entrepreneurial ecosystems in the Southwest region by assisting in the development of financial technologies and preparing the leaders of tomorrow. The lab aims to identify challenges and create innovative solutions, expediting exceptional market recognition by focusing on the enhancement of financial inclusion and community-oriented social mobility.

 While the FinTech Lab is available for everyone in the community, we strive to work with students, professors, small businesses, start-ups, and researchers with new and innovative ideas that will allow the financial technology industry to thrive in the Southwest.



Starting a new financial company seems daunting because of the institutional relationships and technology/security/legal requirements necessary to get started. The FinTech Lab bridges this gap by providing access to top-notch software development environments and platforms to streamline your go-to-market strategy.


In addition to Arrowhead Center’s robust network of advisors and mentors in the Arrowhead Innovation Network (AIN), the FinTech Lab also provides access to FinTech-specific advisors with experience in FinTech entrepreneurship, investment, and software development.


Through the FinTech Lab, we can connect you with other like-minded FinTech entrepreneurs by a direct introduction and regular networking events, including our Nusenda FinTech Speaker Series.

Carlos Cuesta

Program Director

  (575) 520-5943

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