Welcome to NM CERG

The New Mexico Clean Energy Resilience and Growth (NM CERG) cluster – funded in part by the Department of Energy – is a new effort targeting clean energy technology companies and providing them with the support they need to succeed. NM CERG’s model creates a pipeline for success, guiding participants through the steps necessary for growth and development and supporting them each step of the way.

Under NM CERG, qualified participants gain access to business development activities such as market capture, technology development through testing and evaluation with federal lab partners, and ongoing support for the duration of the commercial market pipeline. Find out more about the assistance offered under NM CERG in our Modules page.

NM CERG Eligibility

To qualify for NM CERG assistance, businesses must:


    • Be developing a technology that is impactful for New Mexico

      Applicants must have current operations in New Mexico, be planning to relocate operations to New Mexico, or have an energy-related technology with economic and/or social impacts for the state.

    • Be working on a clean/renewable energy technology
      NM CERG has a broad definition clean/renewable technologies. See our Clean Energy page for more details and to learn whether your innovation matches our criteria

    • Have a technology with both commercial and technical merit
      Your technology must have commercial market applications and be feasible from a technical standpoint. During our intake process, we will meet with applicants to validate these criteria.

    Clean Energy Events

    NM CERG is funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Technology Transitions