IES is one of the twelve federal departments that participates in the SBIR program.

IES is the research office for the Department of Education (ED) and administers the SBIR program for that entity, and focuses on bridging education technology with market opportunity. Typically, their solicitations will focus on requests for development of education technology products for use by: students or teachers (or other instructional personnel) in education; infants, toddlers, or students with or at risk for disabilities, or teachers (or other instructional personnel, related services providers, or family members) in early intervention or special education; or administrators in education settings or in early intervention or special education settings.



IES carries no additional requirements aside from the standard SBA requirements. Proposal packages are retrieved from fbo.gov, but not submitted through the system. Packages will be submitted by sending an email to a designated ED program officer, with certain transmission requirements. Ensure you have read the solicitation carefully, as these requirements might change between funding years.

Mechanics of the Program

Under the SBIR program, IES awardees will be considered successful if they (1) had developed a functioning prototype of an education technology product, and (2) conducted research to determine the usability, initial feasibility, and promise of the prototype to lead to the intended outcomes at the end of the Phase I period. Phase I funding is limited to $200,000 for 8 months of work, and if the project is successful, you can apply for Phase II funding. Phase II project funding is limited to $400,000 for 24 months of work. IES awardees will be considered successful if they (1) had fully developed a commercially viable education technology product; (2) demonstrated the usability and feasibility, and fidelity of implementing the product in an education delivery setting; (3) evaluated the promise of the product for achieving the intended outcomes when used in classrooms or schools; (4) developed a commercialization plan for the distribution and sustainability of the product, and (5) developed plans to conduct research to evaluate the efficacy of the product to lead to the intended outcomes at the completion of Phase II.

IES allows small businesses to submit questions related to their SBIR solicitation during the open solicitation period. Questions must be emailed to a particular ED program contact during the open period, and must be received by a particular cut-off date. As this date does change from year to year, ensure you are paying close attention to the solicitation. Answer to the questions will be posted as an amendment on FedBizOpps.

Additional Funding

IES carries no additional funding mechanisms beyond Phase II, but awardees are always encouraged to seek other funding mechanisms to transition their work into a Phase III.



For a full listing of agency resources and NM FAST resources, relevant to an SBIR submission to IES, please visit this link: