AIBE Center’s Native Farmer and Rancher Project

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“Final Product: Neatly Packed Freeze-Dried Produce.”

AIBE Native Farmer and Rancher Project

The Native American Agriculture Fund awarded the American Indian Business Enterprise (AIBE) Center at New Mexico State University (NMSU) a grant to support Native Famers and Ranchers in our region. NMSU’s AIBE Center is among 49 recipients of the grant which will support more than 160,000 Native farmers, ranchers, and producers. The grant will provide businiess assistance, agricultural education, technical support, and advocacy services to Native farmers and ranches to support and promite their continued engagement in agriculture.

The AIBE Center has partnered with the Center for Supply Chain Enterprenueurship (CSCE) at NMSU’s College of Business and Backyard Farms LLC to provide training and assistance to Native farmers and ranchers. The services provided to selected participants will take place from April through November.


Services Provided

Services will include:

1.  Free Freeze Drying Services: We provide complimentary freeze drying, along with packaging and labeling of your produce, to extend the shelf life and marketability of your goods.

 2.  Educational Workshops on Freeze Drying and Food Hubs: Gain insights into the benefits and processes of freeze drying, and learn how food hubs can be a pivotal part of your distribution strategy.

 3. Workshop on Market Access in New Mexico: Explore opportunities to access new markets within New Mexico, understanding the dynamics and requirements to expand your product reach.

4.  Finance Workshops and Training: Enhance your financial knowledge with our workshops and training sessions designed to equip you with the skills needed for effective financial management and growth.

New Mexico State University’s Arrowhead and our partners look forward to supporting the mission of the Native American Agriculture Fund while servicing Native farmers and ranchers through this specialized project. For more information please contact the AIBE Center at