Accelerating & Funding Game-Changing Innovation in Agriculture

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Unifying a vast array of resources to support agri-food innovators.

PLACE MATTERS. Located in an internationally recognized cluster of agricultural innovation resources, AgSprint is uniquely placed to lead change. We bring together researchers, regulatory consultants, public/private funders, source of capital, agribusiness experts and technical resources under one roof. This is enhanced though AgSprint’s powerful on-demand partner network and ecosystem from which assets can be instantly accessed.

The AgSprint Unformula

Instead of being wedged into a one-size-fits-all program, AgSprint ventures receive 5-months of customized support tailored to each entrepreneur’s unique path to business development and financial success. Along with the Arrowhead Investment Fund, AgSprint has its pulse on private, state, and federal funding and will curate a list of opportunities and assist with proposal/pitch development to make time-to-market more efficient. Founded by civic leaders, we have a mission that is equal parts public and private — an entrepreneurial venture designed to bridge the gap between what people need and what governments can provide. Whether you want to launch a startup, scale up your operations or give your established business a competitive edge, we’ve got the tools and resources you’re looking for.


Pilot & Demonstrate

Demonstrate in commercial scale settings with our partners for field trials and pilot projects to reduce risk and improve market viability.

We’re pleased to announce a new 2019 partnership with the Brackish Groundwater National Desalination Research Facility. The 40-acre facility includes offices for researchers, a water analysis laboratory and monitoring room, indoor test bays, test fields, evaporation pond, and greenhouses. 


We increase your execution speed by providing pre-negotiated access to a network of manufactures, technical experts, academic faculty, and corporate partners and a comprehensive set of resources and templates designed to aid startups and their founders on the journey from the garage to the global marketplace. We host weekly meetings with business development experts and partners to pressure test assumptions, further de-risk your business and provide invaluable coaching and introductions.


Capital is fuel. But, winning capital can be quite an odyssey. Having the right existing relationships and knowing where to look is more than half the battle. We ditch pitch days and instead curate one-on-one “Deal Room” meetings. Entrepreneurs can directly interact with the Arrowhead Innovation Fund, corporate venture groups, banks, investor networks, and foundation and grant experts, to help jump start the fundraising process. We’ll even help you prepare cap tables, projections, forecasts, and grant budgets for financing opportunities. Oh, and, one team will receive a $20,000 award.

NSF Lineage & Cash

The initial three weeks of AgSprint curriculum will follow an NSF Innovation Corps (I-Corps) training model to test the feasibility of your business idea. Through participation in AgSprint, you will receive $2,000 in participant support and attain the lineage necessary to compete for $50,000 through NSF I-Corps.

Amazon Web Services

*Startups previously issued AWS Promotional Credit may not be eligible to receive additional credit.
+Exact credit eligibility amount varies by the organization through which you apply.

We are looking for creative people with innovative ideas. Here are some hallmarks of each:

PEOPLE who are passionate and receptive to business advising.

VENTURES, at any stage, that address a clear customer need, have a fast commercial time-to market deployment, and are scalable and for-profit.

IDEAS that fit our agtech themes.

Agtech Themes

Agriculture Biotechnology
On-farm inputs for crop & animal agriculture, including genetics, microbiome, and breeding
Bioenergy & Biomaterials
Non-food extraction & processing and feedstock technology
Farm Mgmt Software, Sensing & IoT
Agriculture data capturing devices, decision support software, and big data analytics
Food Marketplace/E-commerce
Online Farm-2-Consumer, meal kits, and specialist consumer food delivery
Innovative Food
Alternative proteins and novel ingredients
Novel Farming Systems
Indoor farms, insect, and algae & microbe production
Robotics, Mechanization, & Equipment
On-farm machinery, automation, drone manufacturers, and grow equipment
Supply Chain Technologies
Food safety & traceability tech, logistics & transport, and food processing

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NMSU Arrowhead Center’s AgSprint grows success for businesses

Date: 08/26/2020 Writer: Cassie McClure, 575-312-3242, ORIGINAL ARTICLE: New Mexico State University’s Arrowhead Center...

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