Leading the water to the horse

Remote Well Solutions LLC Innovation: Water technology Commercialized: July 2014 Top exec:Mike Lisk, owner and CTO Location: Cloudcroft Website: Elevator pitch: Livestock production is dependent on water and water distribution. Addressing this...

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Startup farms fresh shrimp from saltwater tanks

By Kevin Robinson-Avila / Journal Staff Writer It’s still not possible to harvest ocean-grown shrimp in the desert, but the New Mexico Shrimp Co. in Las Cruces is doing the next best thing. It’s growing all-natural, saltwater shrimp in indoor tanks through a...

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MVEDA, Arrowhead help startups gain a foothold in the market

LAS CRUCES - There's something to be said about the loyalty of a good dog. There's also something to be said about the local small businesses trying to stay loyal to Las Cruces and hunt economic opportunities where possible. What if local economic developers joined...

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