Arrowhead Center at New Mexico State University recently launched a new program offering graphic design services, education and networking to NMSU and the larger community.

Craftbox Design, led by Arrowhead Senior Graphic Designer and Visual Communication Leader Peter Knapp, is working to fill a regional need for high-quality, affordable design services for startup and expanding businesses.

“We noticed that more and more Arrowhead clients were seeking help with basic design functions, things like logos, business cards and website development. We believed that the off-campus business community has the same needs and decided to launch Craftbox,” Knapp said.

Craftbox specializes in branding, print design and web design, with an emphasis on promotional materials and website application. An online portfolio of sample work is available at Craftbox’s website,

One of Craftbox’s key services will be connecting local designers with potential clients.

“Craftbox will take in work that Arrowhead-based designers will execute, but our plan is also to source work out among members in our design community so we can grow together financially,” Knapp said. “We’re building a base of and for local designers, so we can connect artists and clients efficiently to benefit both groups.”

Craftbox is also offering opportunities to learn more about the design field and network with professionals and peers at monthly “Design Hours” gatherings. Discussions include in-person and virtual sessions with well-known designers and members of the Graphic Artists Guild, a New York City-based organization committed to advancing the design industry with educational and career development resources for design professionals and students.

Craftbox is just one of Arrowhead Center’s programs promoting the importance of regular networking. Studio G, a business incubator for student entrepreneurs, holds weekly Networking Hours, where attendees hear a brief lecture or presentation, then talk with one another about their respective projects.

“I was really impressed with the learning and community-building I saw at Studio G’s Networking Hours, where entrepreneurs are gathering for education and discussion. I wanted to provide something similar to on-campus and local designers,” said Knapp.

The next “Design Hours” meeting will be from 10 to 11 a.m. Nov. 6 at NMSU’s Academic Research Building A, 3655 Research Road. The meeting will feature guest speakers Jessie and Art Bejarano from Between Design, an El Paso-based firm.